Lifetime benefits of a Catholic school education

A Catholic school education helps put young people on a path to success in this life – and the next.

When parents choose a Catholic school for their child, they are making a big decision. They could get a free education at the local public school, but something very important would be missing: God. For Catholic school parents, sacrifices they make to send their child to Catholic school are well worth it because the benefits truly last a lifetime. Here’s a quick look at the benefits of a Catholic school education, plus what local parents say about their importance.

Providing a Catholic school education grounds your child in the faith during the most formative years. This firm foundation in the faith will serve your child well throughout life, say Darrick and Beth, parents of St. Croix Catholic School graduates. “Our faith has strengthened us as a family and we have no doubt that our school has helped with that. In a world that can be dark and scary, we feel that St. Croix Catholic School is a light in that darkness. Our prayer is that they carry the lessons learned about faith, hope and love with them throughout their lives.”

Values that are important to your family are reinforced during the school day. This is important because during the school week, your child likely spends more waking hours at school than at home. “SACS (Shakopee Area Catholic School) is an extension of my family. All of the teachers and administrators care deeply about the kids that attend the school, and the values they instill upon the children will be part of them the rest of their lives, says Randy, a SACS parent. “Having our kids attend SACS is undoubtedly one of the best decisions we’ve ever made as a family.”

Catholic schools help build leadership skills, a strong sense of personal responsibility and self-discipline, governed by a belief in God and a clear understanding of what is good. “At Highland Catholic, my children have received great academic instruction and frequent opportunities to display leadership by speaking, reading or performing at various school forums,” says Mary, a parent at Highland Catholic in St. Paul. “Highland Catholic sets expectations high for manners and respectful behavior which allows my children to show up their very best in the world.”

Catholic schools promote whole child development: intellectual, physical, emotional, social – and spiritual. “We are so blessed to be part of the St. Wenceslaus School family. SWS provides a safe, nurturing, faith-based environment where our children have been able to experience superior academic rigor, to understand the importance of being contributing members of the community through service and to develop their relationship with God,” say Pat and Amy, parents of students at St Wenceslaus in New Prague. “It is this solid foundation and strong moral compass by which the rest of their lives will be based and guided.”

Visit a Catholic school near you and see for yourself what sets Catholic school education apart.